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Friday, August 14, 2009

America you are screwed!!

So I was on a left-wing chat room earlier today in my defense I went there for ideas, but got a lot more than I bargained for. When you see the  loathsome things that they say about republicans not that the republicans are nice. It was basically about half an hour of watching these guys just rip each other to shreds, ancient Romans would have paid to read that stuff. I walked away from that site with a new outlook on life, basically we are screwed. If we are really going to let stupid, insignificant "ideals" split us into civil war I understand why we are probably the most hated culture in the world. Not that I am any different from them It's just you don't see it until you're on the outside looking in. Religion is the main problem. Why? Has anyone ever asked someone why it matters? I just don't understand how America the land of the "free" is going to end up North and South again figure we learned a lesson the first time 'round. We are as culturally diverse as we are divided so when our world comes  crashing down around us hope your on my side lol.

Is global warming really a problem?

Let's just think about this for a second........... NO!!!  Now I agree with something I read in one of Seth's genius blogs "shave the bears" (that's as far as I got before I decided to write this) with all of the controversy surrounding this subject it's hard to know what to believe. Scientist all over the world say that the temperature is actually dropping instead of rising I believe that, I live in a area where snow is not common place actually it's pretty damn rare and we received record amounts of snowfall last year, but not in winter 1 1/2 foot of snow in mid spring global warming my arse. Although global warming would be devastating if it were really happening, although I believe it would bring more good than bad "Experts" say it would cover most of the coastal cities of North America not so bad XD bye bye long beach and most of Cali for that matter I say good riddance  nothing good came from there since the Beachboy's. New Orleans would be gone I was hoping they wouldn't rebuild it the first time. Mexico YAY finally I hope it all goes under save us the trouble of fences. This post is mostly pointless but no one reads it anyway yet LOL just some of my cynical views.


I completely agree with the views of sackvick.net. Andy Reid  probably made the biggest mistake of his NFL career every single philly fan is enraged by the unexpected signing of the felon Michael Vick. Fans almost boycotted the NFL when they heard Vick was to be partially reinstated I know I did I stopped watching and gave up hope for the national football league, but I guess Vick will fit in with all of the other criminals that plague our television set's these days.


I really do hope that the Philly's crucify Vick. I do understand he served his time and didn't whine like a little baby like OJ, but the guy brutally murdered animals I think he should be banned. For those of you who don't know. Notorious animal killer Michael Vick Signed a 2 year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. What Andy was thinking the world may never know, but all I have to say is great freaking role models GOOD JOB NFL!!!!
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